Why Meditate


DECREASE     Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Pain - Blood Pressure - Heart Rate

INCREASE      Energy - Focus - Creativity - Productivity - Problem Solving -Joy

Unlock the source of peace and power within

Sol Rituals offers meditation and mindfulness programs that develop the tools essential to uncovering the source of inner calm, peace and power located in each and every person.  Innovative courses designed to increase productivity, decrease stress and nurture inner peace are uniquely tailored to both private and group settings.  Corporations, small businesses, semi-private and individual clients have all turned to Sol Rituals to help create their own pathway to peace. 


Reach out to Natalie today to find the path that’s right for you!

Sound Meditation 

I’ve selected the meditations I teach for two reasons. 1. They are rooted in powerful practices from ancient traditions, and have been proven for thousands of years. 2. They are very easy to understand and easefully incorporated into the busy modern lives we live. - Natalie

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