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Sol Rituals offers meditation and mindfulness programs that develop the tools essential to uncovering the source of inner calm, peace and power located in each and every person.  Innovative courses designed to increase productivity, decrease stress and nurture inner peace are uniquely tailored to both private and group settings.  Corporations, small businesses, semi-private and individual clients have all turned to Sol Rituals to help create their own pathway to peace. 


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Welcome to Sol Rituals! I have been practicing and studying the art of mindfulness, meditation, energy and yoga since 2002. These modalities improved my life so much that I left my corporate career to share the power of these practices with others. I trained as a Meditation Instructor with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Well Being. I'm also a Reiki Master and a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. I studied the Kundalini tradition under world-renowned teacher Ravi Singh.


These are the practices that helped heal my mind, body, and spirit after experiencing deep personal loss and burnout in my corporate career. It is an honor to share these powerful tools with the world and I'm confident they can help you as well.

I will forever be a student of the mind-body connection and of the world. As a teacher, I share the power of these ancient traditions in a modern, easily applied format. I teach in a way that both honors tradition and encompasses today’s need for mind, body, and spirit integration. And I believe that Reiki, meditation and mindfulness are our greatest tools for reducing stress and living our brightest, happiest, healthiest life.

The techniques I teach empower people. In these powerful meditations, there is no fancy cushion, meditation app or 'thought free' mind required. I provide you with these powerful tools so that you can use them to meditate anytime, and anywhere. - Natalie

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