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Bring the Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness to Your Workplace

with In-Person and Online Offerings

In today’s demanding workplace and competitive environment, employees are showing more signs of stress, burnout and overall dissatisfaction than ever before.


Employers who understand the connection between employee’s health and the success of the business embrace the powerful shifts that meditation and mindfulness programs can bring to company. 


With live in-person or virtual sessions facilitated by Natalie, you can create a company culture with presence, creativity, resilience and emotional intelligence at its core. ​With the current climate of the world, virtual sessions are more important and valuable than ever before. 

Natalie specializes in pulling from her corporate experience to connect with groups of all sizes and experience levels. She delivers compelling, science backed presentations on wellness, stress management, meditation, mindfulness and other customized programs to fit your needs. Over the years Natalie has provided key note speeches at corporate events, online events, and in-person sessions for companies ranging fromFortune 500 companies to local businesses and universities. She has also delivered countless meditation and mindfulness training programs to many different types of organizations. Read reviews from previous clients here.

Below is a sample of a weekly workplace meditation and mindfulness session format:


Sample Session Format:

  • 10 minutes

    • Weekly topic backed with scientific research and paired with practical application tips

  • 15 minutes

    • Guided meditation

  • 5 minutes

    • Q&A and a meditation practice to work with for the week

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Employees in multiple companies showed reductions in burnout, perceived stress and increases in team and organizational climate, as well as personal productivity performance after 8 weeks of workplace meditation and mindfulness training.

Kersemaekers et al. 2018

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