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What if I told you that unseen dynamics, beliefs, programs and traumas from previous generations can unconsciously hold us back from living our biggest, brightest, happiest lives today? These repetitive dynamics, negative beliefs, unsupportive programing and generational trauma can be the reason you're experiencing a negative pattern or situation that feels challenging to change. Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) is a multifaceted therapy model that helps remove the traumas, programs, and negative beliefs passed through the generational line that can cause stress for us in the present moment. The field of Epigenetics has scientifically proven up to 14 generations before our birth can have an impact on our lives today.

When trauma happens to someone in our generational line, the next generation unconsciously picks up trauma left behind by previous generations and carries it. This can cause people to experience difficulty overcoming obstacles to living the life they really want to live. FCT identifies where the trauma is stored or stuck in the family system, how you may be entangled with the trauma, and it helps to clear the trauma/belief/program so you can move forward in a whole, healthy and aligned fashion.


This powerful form of therapy brings lightness, healing, clearing and resolution to people's lives. My clients often claim that this work is life changing for them and that it helps to heal where traditional talk therapy hasn't. My role is to facilitate your session and help you uncover the hidden truths and paths which lead you to your own sovereignty and healing.

If you have tried traditional talk therapy and are seeking more resolution, have been stuck in a rut or cycle that you can't get out of or simply want to elevate your life, Family Constellation Therapy can be an incredibly supportive tool on your journey. FCT can be used for healing personal matters and for establishing alignment among businesses and organizations so that everyone can move forward for the highest good of all.

Currently all sessions are virtual via Zoom or phone. Book your session to experience it for yourself.


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With Family Constellation Therapy, we acknowledgewhat's happened in our family system, give it back to its rightful owner and step forward into a bright, beautiful, vibrant future. 

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