Known as the yoga of fulfillment and self-reliance, Kundalini Yoga is both a physical and meditative practice. Kundalini Yoga classes and one-on-one virtual sessions use a combination of breathing exercises, postures/asanas, mantras, and meditations. Through this practice, the goal is to help you awaken the dormant energy within your system. The power in Kundalini yoga is its technological workings on the glandular and nervous systems to move energy in the body while creating evolutionary wellness and oneness. 

Kundalini Yoga includes many powerful meditations, which I teach based on personal needs. For example, there are effective meditations for health challenges such as anxiety, immune disorders, glandular disorders, hormonal dysregulation, digestive upset, stress, releasing emotions and many more.  This practice is known as ‘the yoga and meditation of self-awareness’.  Kundalini meditations are a powerful tool for you to have in your toolbox; they can be used any time throughout your day.

This practice is for both beginners who are looking for new ways to connect with their inner power and for long term practitioners who are looking for new tools to enhance their practice.


I believe that yoga and meditation are the foundational tools for living your brightest, happiest, most joyful life. 

Natalie Creeden