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What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditation practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation.

For thousands of years, people have used meditation to move beyond the mind's busy activity and emotional turbulence into profound peace and expanded awareness. One of the techniques I practice daily and offer everyone is Primordial Sound Meditation. Also known as PSM, it is a powerful meditation technique rooted in the Vedic tradition of India. Chopra Center co-founders Deepak Chopra and David Simon have revived this ancient practice of mantra meditation and I present it in a format that’s easy to learn. I had the pleasure of training to teach this meditation technique with Deepak at the beautiful Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.

Primordial Sound Meditation is a meditation practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. It gently and effortlessly releases stress from your body and nervous system, provides rejuvenation and can increase energy levels. When you learn Primordial Sound Meditation, you will receive a personal mantra. A mantra is a specific sound or vibration—which when repeated silently—helps you to enter deeper levels of awareness. A Sanskrit term that translates as "vehicle of the mind," a mantra simply is a vehicle that takes you into quieter, more peaceful levels of the mind, through the vibration of the mantra.

The mantra you will receive is the vibration the universe was making at the time and place of your birth, and it is calculated following Vedic mathematic formulas. When you silently repeat your mantra in meditation, it creates a vibration that helps you slip into the space between your thoughts, into the complete silence. Your mind is no longer caught up in its own chatter, rather it is exposed to its own deepest nature: pure awareness.

I love sharing this type of meditation with people because the practice is both simple, and profoundly rewarding. And it empowers you to have a meditation practice that you can literally turn to any time and any where. When I say that, I mean it! You can practice in airports, on planes, in your car (not while driving of course!), between meetings, while your children are napping, in a cab (I personally did this while in NYC and it helped me manage the intensity of the city.) as soon as you wake in the morning, in the sauna, etc. As we meditate, we being to experience increasingly more restful awareness throughout our days. It’s the restful awareness that allows us to connect deeper and with greater ease. You can read more about restful awareness in my next post!

Contact me today to inquire about learning Primordial Sound Meditation and receiving your own personal mantra!



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